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Andrew Park

We are fascinated by the interactions between parasites and their hosts – which result in dramatic disease outbreaks, parasites jumping between host species, selection for sexual reproduction in the host, and parasite escape from the effects of drug or vaccine treatments. We take a population-centered approach, meaning we seek to explain population-level patterns in host and parasite organisms. Thematically, we're at the intersection of ecology and evolutionary biology. Most of our work is empirically motivated, and we use a range of techniques including simulation modeling, spatial statistics and machine learning to link theory and data.

News & Events:

TPB Publication - James and Andrew's paper: ''Superinfection reconciles host-parasite associate and cross-species transmission'' has been accepted to Theoretical Population Biology

New members - for Fall 2013, we welcome Javiera, John and Suzanne to the group

PLoS One Publication - a publication authored largely by current and past lab members titled ''When more transmission equals less disease: reconciling the disconnect between disease hotspots and parasite transmission'' is out

REU site - we are a participatory lab in this exciting opportunity for undergraduates nationwide. Read More

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